Module 1:

Installation and Initial Access

BIG-IP LTM Overview
Licensing and Setup Utility
Configuration Utility and Backup
Hardware, Software, OS

Module 2:

Processing Traffic

Terminology Pools, Members and Nodes
Virtual Server- Address Translation
Asymetric Routing Problem
Configuring Pools and Virtual Servers

Module 3:

BIG-IPLTM Load Balancing

Load Balancing Methods Round Robin, Server Availability
Ratio, Least Connections, Fastest etc.
Pool Members vs. Node
Priority Group Activation and Fallback Host

Module 4:


Health Monitor s – Introduction
Types of monitoring Address Check, Service and Content Check
Assigning Monitors to Nodes and Pools
Status from Network Map Screen

Module 5:


Profile Concepts and Example
Profile Example SSL Termination
Creating and Configuring Profiles

Module 6:


Introduction to Persistence and Persistence Profile
Configuring and Associating Source Address Persistence with Virtual Server
Cookie Persistence Modes Insert, Rewrite and Passive Mode

Module 7:

Processing SSL Traffic

SSL Concepts and SSL Termination
Advantages of SSL Termination
Traffic Flow Client and Server SSL
Generating and Importing Certificate

Module 8:

NATs and SNATs

NAT Concepts and Configuration Example
SNAT Concepts and Configuration Example

Module 9:

Using iRules

Exploring iRule Concepts, Components of an iRule
Syntax and Best Practices
iRule editors and Configuration Examples

Module 10:

Redundant Pairs

Redundant Pair Concepts and Modes of operation
Redundant Pair Setup and Platform Configuration

Module 11:

High Availability

BIG-IP Failover Process
Hardware and Network Failover